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    OHM Phebus' Wheel Station

    Yeah, no spoilers from me. ;) Lining up with the station wasn't a problem, just matching rotation.. either too much or too little. I got it though :)
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    OFSS IV Full Install Walkthrough
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    OHM Phebus' Wheel Station

    That's pretty slick. I'm a bit out of practice, as it took me the whole orbit to coordinate matching rotation (manually). My first reaction was "WHAT just happened" and I switched to external view. Pretty cool
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    Introducing Myself

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Introducing myself

    We too are made of stardust... Welcome to the forums!
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forums :welcome:
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    News Real XR2 and DeltaGlider

    I'm getting a malware warning from that site. 🤷‍♂️
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    Hello all!

    Welcome to the Forums! :welcome:
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    Tell us about yourself!

    Welcome to the forums!
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    United Launch Alliance

    This one? Ah.... nm. It only has a single Delta 4 launch scenario.
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    Request Orion SLS

    There were a few variants of Direct (at least 3), I was working on the second iteration. The most recent version I'd seen had 4 engines to lift the Orion and Antares, a 3 engine version was identical, just with an engine "missing" as in not installed. I think the 2 engine version was for use...
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    Request Orion SLS

    I'm glad to see Direct be resurrected. I'd piddled around with it before I got a change of job positions, but never continued work with it.
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    Greetings, I come in peace

    Welcome to the Forum! :hailprobe:
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    Het there Tornado, I'm on the moderator team. Asking for an addon (or a mod) to another...

    Het there Tornado, I'm on the moderator team. Asking for an addon (or a mod) to another platform (Space Engine, Kerbal, et al) isn't the right place, as that is reserved for Orbiter addons. The Brighton Lounge is the place for anything off-topic, which your request should fit (and would get...
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    OHM Tenacity Dream Chaser

    JSGME is (IMHO) a "must have" addon. Doggone it's a fantastic helper to add/remove mods that "break" Orbiter.
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    Problem LunarTransferMFD not working on Orbiter 2010

    If you click the link that Ripley provided, Orbiter LTMFD version 1.4 if used for Orbiter 2010
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    News Changes to the SpaceX BFR rocket.

    I've watched the last several launches on Youtube, it's kind of boring without John Inspruker... his excitement about spaceflight is awesome (and thoroughly "Norminal" behavior for a space and rocket junkie).
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    OHM Luna3 Probe for Orbiter (Linux)

    Very nice, and... Hail Probe!
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    Orbiter Screenshot Thread

    I never thought to see if she still worked in the current Orbiter rev. Have to deorbited yet?