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  1. Kobayashi

    Hi... I have a Saitek X52 and i am interested in your joystick addon. If you want to send me...

    Hi... I have a Saitek X52 and i am interested in your joystick addon. If you want to send me the files i will test it and share my opinion. Thanks and bye... :-) PD: I have some knowledge in C and VB.Net.
  2. Kobayashi

    OHM SeasonalTexture Orbiter Launcher

    Nice idea, but i guess it could be faster if you copy all the texture files to texture folder and instead of copying the files just change their names. At first it could sound a bit complicated, but is really easy to do Xaooo...
  3. Kobayashi

    Time Calculator 2.0 2013-08-16

      New and improve Time Calculator for Orbiter 2010   Useful for planning your interplanetary trips   Req. Microsoft Framework 4.0   Update Changes --------------   Now come with documentation and DG-IV and XR style Connection to Orbiter 2010 using Orb:Connect Auto-install for...
  4. Kobayashi

    Idea a ummu suggestion that could be essential

    what about getting old? what i am trying to say is if you do an interplanetary travel of 2 years the ummu's age will be +2 And if they are about 70 o 80 they die. Whatever... just an idea
  5. Kobayashi

    Scenario What bases are the bests or your favorites?

    Hi everyone... I have been looking for bases, and maybe the best way is to ask you for your favorites bases. By the way i am looking for a sustitute for Olympus
  6. Kobayashi

    Scenario Do you know this base?

    Thank you, i am downloading right now :cheers:
  7. Kobayashi

    Scenario Do you know this base?

    Hi, i am looking for this base, i love how looks those pads. I can't find it in OrbitHangar. So if you know the name or where can i find it i'll thank you.
  8. Kobayashi

    Question Groups and Meshes question

    Configure Visual Studio 2010 I will start with AC3D and if i need more tools i'll switch to 3Dmax. Now i understand much better how groups works with Orbiter. Ok, another question... I know i can use spacecraft3.dll to config the ship parameters but if i want to do it my self creating a...
  9. Kobayashi

    Question Groups and Meshes question

    AC3D looks very good, if i have any question can i ask you directly by private message?
  10. Kobayashi

    Question Groups and Meshes question

    Ok, i think i get the point. By the way, i have been looking around and i found a program called Wings3D and it seems to be like blender but more limited and more user friendly. Do you know it or do you can recommend to me another 3D program for Orbiter addon making? Or should i use 3Dmax...
  11. Kobayashi

    Question Groups and Meshes question

    Well, i know about multi materials, but i am not at that point yet so is not my actual problem. About the groups, i got a project in 3ds with 3 objects and when i export it i got 2 groups. Thats why i know there must be a way to group objects. Here they talk about making groups using attach...
  12. Kobayashi

    Question Groups and Meshes question

    Hi, i am trying to make my first addon for orbiter. I tried Blender and Anim8or and i think i gonna stick to 3DS Max. Now the question. How can i create or split objects in 3DS in groups? So, if i want and animated door i know i need to create two groups, one for the door and another for the...
  13. Kobayashi

    Update Arrow Freighter version 2012 updated (screenshots)

    I Dan, the Arrow will be awesome, more than it is now. I had been reading this thread and i see a great improvement. But i got a question and it is not for the Arrow, but for the DGIV instead. Well two questions... 1º Are you going to make an update for DGIV with the Arrow release? 2º If...
  14. Kobayashi

    Discussion Select vessel in extended mfd

    Yes, that is, external mfd. And i didn't know that. Thank you. That was easy. I have not try, but i think imfd will work and share data even if i change the vessel. I'll test it. Thanks again.
  15. Kobayashi

    Discussion Select vessel in extended mfd

    Hello, i am here to ask you if is possible to modify ExtendedMFD that comes with Orbiter, so you can select any vessel while you are in another vessel. What i really want is control a ship (or the mfd's) from a control center or something like that. Is like vMC, but it dont work in orbiter...
  16. Kobayashi

    [ESP] NuevoManual de Orbiter en español

    Hola yombo... antes que nada pasate por el por si hay algo que te pueda ayudar. Despues agregame al messenger y si quieres te ayudo un poco mejor.... te envio un mp con mi direccion.
  17. Kobayashi

    [ESP] Rendevouz en orbita solar

    Hola, ahora estoy ocupadillo, luego te comentare los resultados obtenidos. Pero no creo que la solucion de cronometrar el cambio de AU funcione, lo veo demasiado complicado. En fin, mañana te contesto, que tengo visita hoy. Por cierto, si quieres pasate por mi web y hechale un vistazo si no lo...
  18. Kobayashi

    [ESP] Rendevouz en orbita solar

    Bueno, yo creo que el problema no es que me distancie mucho o poco del sol u otras cosas. Yo creo el problema es que en planetas tan grandes (o estrellas) se trabajan con medidas de espacio mucho mayores y esto no da lugar a saber las distancias mas pequeñas. Por ejemplo, yo puedo poner mi PeR a...