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  1. adamb193

    Question Amount of sleep

    48 hours of working a show, that was fun. Nothing like working on I beams, 30 feet off the ground, carrying equipment hanging things generally monkeying around. Gets the adrenalin flowing. Like to avoid risking my neck, sleep is nice.
  2. adamb193

    On my resume' I put that I'm an accomplished

    The most random thing I have on my resume is certified belayer in rock climbing. But my job involves rigging so it's relevant. Make the things on your resume relevant. Just because you can fly an XR2 or program the lights for a rock concert doesn't mean you should put it on your resume.
  3. adamb193

    Humor Think of your own NASA publicity stunt!

    Next Shuttle launch will be at night and will contain a multi million dollar lighting and pyrotechnics display. At the climax of 1812 overture the shuttle launches accompanied by tons and tons of pyro.
  4. adamb193

    Facepalm moments

    When I made my first lunar landing in an XR-5, I had everything perfect I was going to land at Brighton Beach. I had a vertical acceleration of -.25 m/s, I see Brighton pass by in about a second, that's when I realized I was going a kilometer a second. Touchdown gears snap ship flips nose to...
  5. adamb193

    Question If you were the first person on Mars what would you say?

    Umm... Huston there is someone here that wants to talk to you.
  6. adamb193

    You know you're addicted to Orbiter when...

    When you consider turning your work's/ school's $35,000 lighting console into something capable of playing Orbiter. Just need to get it working on Linux and it can be done.
  7. adamb193

    4 Decades of Metal

    Seeing Iron Maiden tomorrow, pretty excited. We just need those ships in orbiter.
  8. adamb193

    4 Decades of Metal

    Yea Maiden! Happily enough my job gets me free tickets, to them and Dream Theater this summer.
  9. adamb193

    Gaming 1....1.000.000

  10. adamb193

    News Too fat to fight?

    Well that's a great reason to get in shape. Much better than that live better and longer hippie non-sense.
  11. adamb193


    You can reenter the ship and fly it in the atmosphere and do cargo drops and get back into orbit stock. But you can't land it without killing everyone. It is pretty fun to see how accurately drop cargo onto bases.
  12. adamb193

    Question Suddenly, no tv and internet?

    I have some old Vacuum Tube shortwave radios, probably listen in on those to see what happened. Load up on supplies if need be, and make sure no one can steal them.
  13. adamb193

    Cooking. IN SPAAACE!

    Just use a centrifugal oven. Gravity for cooking.
  14. adamb193

    Plastic models of Nasa spacecraft, who does it, show your stuff

    They based it off the real Moon Landing set.
  15. adamb193

    News British chickens killed a fox

    A nuclear land mine, wow. Well those chickens are dangerous.
  16. adamb193

    Idea Mobile Orbiter App

    I think if you use it as a controller it might work but I have no idea on how to make it so. So all the processing is computer side while the phone gets relevant data, such as orbital parameters, altitude, speed, and stuff like that.
  17. adamb193

    Idea Mobile Orbiter App

    Hmm... sounds cool I have no idea if it would work. But they do make i-phone apps that can control automated lighting consoles those run a lot of stuff. It might be possible.
  18. adamb193

    Vacation: The Moon

    Well I guess I'll hop on one of Russia's routine circumlunar missions then. Seriously though would they launch a private trip around the moon?
  19. adamb193

    Sealed Nuclear Reactors and Private Atomic Rockets.

    Yet flying a nuke tipped rocket into an area will do more damage than a plane. It'd be a dirty bomb not a nuke but the damage would still happen.