General Question Auto pilot for orbiter 2016


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Jan 5, 2018
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I'm sorry guys, I have searched the forum and had trouble finding much. I downloaded a type of launch auto pilot for orbiter 2016 a while back but lost it when my version crashed. I can not remember what the name of that add on was and who it was by. Also I remember in 2010 there was an auto pilot function, it seemed to work pretty well you had to install sts payloads first then the extension, then the shuttle fleet. something like that. But is there anything like that yet for 2016?? And can someone tell me possibly what the answer is to the first question that I asked. I remember on the Hud it had auto ascent but you had to put in the desired altitude, azimuth and such.. Sorry for the forum noob deal guys. Thanks. I am use to the older versions, and still having some trouble getting orbits down with 2016, work a lot so have limited time to study.. Thanks again