Crisp packets on Mars.


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Mar 19, 2008
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NASA discovers three abandoned e-scooters on Mars

This is a news story that is likely to leak a lot of ink: after the discovery of traces of water and oxygen by the robot Curiosity in the Martian atmosphere, NASA's new astromobile struck last night three e-scooters perfectly preserved.

Clichés quickly circumnavigated the scientific community and were scrutinized by specialists. "The scooters were hooked to each other which suggests that someone was about to reload them. This could testify to the presence one day of intermittent show workers or precarious self-entrepreneurs "analyzes a scientist from NASA.

This discovery is all the more sensational as it will allow the robot Opportunity to explore the red planet much more easily. "We loaded the robot on the scooters so that it can save energy and venture beyond its capabilities. It gives him an air of arrogance and Parisian "fun Professor Kelly Richardson.

With this in mind, the astromobile could confirm several hypotheses emitted by the scientific community. "In several shots, we thought we saw packaging of crisps and cans of Bavaria. If Opportunity reaches them, we could have the proof that there were indeed dog punks one day on Mars "surprises himself to dream Professor Richardson.