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Jul 10, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I am Vanight. I have been a sim enthusiast since MS Flight sim 1.0. Before that, I would play with a handheld calculator my Uncle had that simulated Lunar landings. I have been on sort of a computer break after spending WAY too much time playing a game called Elite Dangerous after buying the first release of the HTC Vive. Once I experience Elite in VR, it was game over over! Of course, Elite is not a simulator, especially with Orbiter as the baseline. That said, I put over 1500 hours of VR time into Elite in a year. My wife and I just bought a new house, and I have ambitions to build a super PC dedicated to simulations.... and yes, Elite Dangerous VR. I am also interested in an discussions that may be going on regarding the possibility of somehow using Orbiter in VR. There are programs that allow you to use non-native VR programs with the Vive and Occulas. The biggest hurdle I see, is keyboard usage with Orbiter....which is extensive, and difficult to do but not impossible as there are ways to put the camera view of the Vive into a window within our VR FOV. Anyway, this is suppose to be an introduction and I am rambling.

So what has inspired me to get back into true simulation? Well, I just watch the new 2019 Apollo 11 documentary, twice. That and the fact I will shortly have a dedicated room to mount such an endeavor from a hardware point of view.

A bit about myself. Well, I am soon to be 48. I am a musician (guitar, drums). I own a Cyber security company which is basically, me. I have worked in I.T. for over 20 years. I grew up in a rural area in the NW and am now back to be closer to my aging parents. I like progressive metal like symphony x, dream theater, fusion guitarists such as Greg Howe, classical, and some country. Music is a big part of my life. I enjoy writing and recording original music, hunting, fishing, I am an avid firearms enthusiast. I enjoy creative writing, political opinion writing (which I wont do here, as agreed) I have recently started to study the stock market with the goal to start trading as a primary income source. I've been following bitcoin and block-chain tech for years, and after watching this summers latest run-up decided its past time to get on the boat. So once bitcoin adjusts, I am in. I love anything to do with Astronomy, space travel, etc... I am not particularly good at math, okay, I suck at math (arithmetic), but I am good at comprehending concepts very quickly. I would like to improve my math skills using orbital physics as a catalyst. Favorite books... the Elite Dangerous books, Sword of Shannara, Atlas Shrugged. Favorite movies...Original Hellboy, not the new one. Serenity. I really enjoy seeing the potential in others, and inspiring them to do things they may believe are not possible. I like talking to Seniors, especially Veterans, and hearing stories about their lives. I like fast cars, and driving fast as possible, whenever possible, and I guess I am a Rotary guy (I miss my RX-8 a LOT), flying Cessna 172s. Back to Astronomy, where I am about to move is very rural, and I can even turn off my street light. It is about 1500 ft ASL with no towns nearby. I want to buy a good telescope in the next year and add one more hobby to the list. I am the son of an Immigrant Father who is Dutch-Indonesian and immigrated from Holland in the 60s. My mothers side brings good old southern USA.

I do still play video games at 48 years old. I like Elite Dangerous (PC) and PUBG (XBOX) and more recently, World of Warships on Xbox one. I know, pathetic. I LOVE dogs. My wife and I have a rescue dog. His name is Curly. I want to learn Russian, Greek, and Dutch. I speak some Spanish from 4 years of it in Highschool, but not much.

I guess that is about it. Nice to meet everyone, and let me know if anyone is talking about VR and Orbiter. Would be interested in being involved any way I can in a project, if one exists.

Cheers, Vanight
CMDR Efstathius Placidus (in Elite Dangerous)


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