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Feb 25, 2009
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This is meant as a quick-start for people who want to improve OrbiterWiki, but don't have experience using a wiki.

1. Register as an OrbiterWiki user:
This isn't strictly necessary, but it might be useful to use the same user name you use for Orbiter Forum.

2. Go to a page that you are interested in, and might like to edit. For this guide, start with Chapter 2 of Go Play In Space:!_Rescue

3. Near the top are three tabs: Read, Edit, View history. Click on Edit. You will see a large text box containing the "code" for the page. A lot of it is plain text, and you can easily correct typos or add text to paragraphs by simply typing. Other text is enclosed in square brackets or curly braces, [] or {}; or set off by special characters, such as == or *. These instruct the wiki engine to apply special formatting or other features of the wiki.

4. Whenever you edit a page, you should add a comment in the Summary box, so other editors can understand what you did and why. It's a good idea to click the Show Preview button before committing the change. (Of course, if you save a change and decide it should be changed, just repeat the steps.)

5. (minimal formatting tips) To create a new section on the page, enclose the text of the section title within two sets of two equal signs, == ==, then type the text of the new section. To insert a link to a new page, enclose the new page's title in double brackets, [[ ]]. When you preview the page you will see the page title in red text, indicating a link to a page that doesn't yet exist. You can save your changes with that red-text link.

6. Clicking on a red-text link opens the editor for a new page with the title you used in the link. You can type your new page, preview, and save just as with minor changes to a page.

7. You will probably want to learn more about wiki formatting markup. Near the bottom of the page is a link to Editing Help, provided by the MediaWiki people, who created the wiki engine.

Good luck!


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Feb 6, 2008
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To prevent annoying conflicts with our spam filter, don't add links to external websites as your first edit. Start slow. Should you still get banned automatically by it, just drop me a PM, I'll review it then.

I still keep a RSS feed running here, but I don't look at it every day.