ISSR no longer runs in Orbiter 2016 D3D9


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Dec 2, 2016
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Hey y'all,

Before I was being able to fire up ISS for Orbiter 2016 with the D3D9 Client (I had the Donamy and Thorton's ISS for Orbiter 2016 and maybe did some patching with ISS v3.2) I even managed to have integrated other addons such as BrianJ's SpaceX cargo and crew Dragon, as well as being able to run Starliner as well.

Until one faithful day, it decided NOT to run on D3D9 anymore. The software would eventually stuck on the loading screen and then just closes down by itself. Tried re-installed the ISSR addons and re-patch, but nothing works. So now all of the previously saved scenario can't no longer run on D3D9. They could still run with regular Orbiter 2016.exe but the frame rate was awful :(

Anywhere to fix around this? It was running smoothly last month, and now it just doesn't. Can't remember if I've added any other addons that may have affected the root directory

Best regards,
Dewey Le