General Question Modded Custom Orbiter Build and highlights of last decade


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May 31, 2008
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I used to be here and was passionate about OSFS in 2009. It was the only game or simulator I use to be crazy about from as much as I can remember. I have returned here after 13 years. I left pursuing phd in astrophysics after my spiritual awakening. But space flight interest was rekindled after I turned and became a gamer with over 1000 game library. The specific game that brought me back here is a game called released just 2 days back. Here is the link to it:

I would like to ask is there any custom modded osfs build to quickly get into orbiter? As I use to play orbiter before with 100s of addons so now I dont feel like to search and download each one again. Only cretaria I am looking in modded build would be most graphically awesome looking orbiter build today.

Also what has been highlights of last decade in orbiter, what awesome biggest projects of the decade that I missed ? I would appreciate if you can link me to any such discussion.

Thank you.