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Feb 1, 2009
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Hello all,

I have a question regarding the Apollo 7 flightplan shown on Checklist MFD. There, it doesn´t show the Day & Night Retro Attitude test, that is scheduled to be performed at 6 hours 5 minutes and 6 hours 40 minutes into the mission. Is this a known issue and these items will be added to the flightplan on Checklist MFD?

Also, I think this is an issue: On Checklist MFD it shows to copy a PAD and perform a phasing maneuver at 14:16:00 and 15:42:00 GET. I think that at that time the crew is sleeping or resting, based on the doc flightplan under Doc\Project Apollo - NASSP\Flightplans\Apollo 7\Apollo 7 Flight Plan.doc and https://history.nasa.gov/afj/ap07fj/pdf/a07-prelim-flight-plan-hsi-33608.pdf

Can I ignore those two items on the flightplan, or was the crew waken up for some reason there?

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Oct 26, 2011
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The retro attitude tests will surely be added at some point, the calculation for them is easy. Not sure why it wasn't done so far. You can try the procedure without a PAD of course, if you want.

There is a second phasing maneuver at 15:52h GET because that is what the actual mission did. It wasn't schedule but their relative position to the S-IVB would have been unfavourable for the rendezvous if they hadn't done that. From the mission report:

At 03:20:00, a phasing maneuver was performed with the service module reaction control system to establish the conditions required for the rendezvous scheduled for approximately 1 day later. The maneuver was targeted to place the spacecraft approximately 75 n. mi. ahead of the S-IVB at 26:25:00. During the next 6 revolutions, however, the orbit of the S-IVB decayed more rapidly than anticipated, and a second phasing maneuver was performed to obtain the desired initial conditions.

The crew wasn't woken up, I think the CDR and LMP just stayed awake for an additional hour and went to sleep after the burn.

The MCC logic checks if the burn ends up being less than 1 ft/s, in which case it will be scrubbed. So there is a chance that it doesn't have to be done.