General Question Orbiter distribution in a linux-based OS

Are you interested in testing my project?

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Oct 19, 2018
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Hello Orbiter fans!

I am planning to create a linux distribution based on maybe OpenSuse or Debian that will be some kind of an astronomy/spaceflight OS. --- please don't stop reading and comment ---

Background: since I always meet a friend of mine very often to watch deep sky objects with my telescope together and making photos, I need software like Stellarium to know where objects like the planets are right now and if you can see the big red dot on Jupiter, I need to access heavens above for calculating visible ISS overflights and iridium flares, and also some open-source software to edit pictures (not just simply GIMP, but including it).

I also love to play Orbiter 2010 and 2016 :hailprobe: , simulate rocket launches, steer rockets and watch live broadcast from SpaceX, NASA, RocketLab and other amazing stuff like that ->
(if you don't know the DVD called "ASCENT" look in the video description! Must-have for Space Shuttle fans and public domain aka free; but you need a filesystem that supports 4GB+ files like exfat).

So my goal is to build a live system that I can boot on any PC, my own one, my friend's PC and everywhere else, that includes all software I need, also complicated to compile Space Shuttle Ultra, out of the box without without the need of many hours to set everything up (linux in most cases doesn't even ship with D3D9 support) and to always have a clean install as well as optionally a persistent version that stores additionally installed add-ons, custom settings etc. on the usb stick. Oh and of course also including software to build your own rockets in Orbiter, many people don't seem to try building their own rocket like in KSP because they're too lazy to install some additional software that makes it possible.

As far as I know it is legal to redistribute Orbiter non-commercially, and I don't intend to sell it.

I'm creating this distro anyway, but my question to you would be if you people are interested? and if you would like me to share this project with you for example by uploading it to github? Of course my changes to the OS will be traceable so that you can be shure that it doesn't contain malware.

Since it will take some time until I will create the first version that works properly, I would like to give you the possibility to contribute by suggesting software that should be included, add-ons and so on.

Thanks for your forthcoming replys!

P.S. Disclaimber: I'm not very good in things like writing long and inspirational text (like the one you see right here) in English but instead I'm much better in doing stuff like that - creating Linux distros :thumbup: .