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Apr 9, 2008
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Author: crisbeta

This project recreates step by step a list of historical missions about Salyut space stations. It contains 1 mission and 2 scenarios.

The Salyut programme was the first space station programme undertaken by the Soviet Union, which consisted of a series of four crewed scientific research space stations and two crewed military reconnaissance space stations over a period of 15 years from 1971 to 1986. Two other Salyut launches failed. Salyut was, on the one hand, designed to carry out long-term research into the problems of living in space and a variety of astronomical, biological and Earth-resources experiments, and on the other hand this civilian program was used as a cover for the highly secretive military Almaz stations, which flew under the Salyut designation. Salyut 1, the first station in the program, became the world's first crewed space station.

Salyut broke several spaceflight records, including several mission duration records, the first ever orbital handover of a space station from one crew to another, and various spacewalk records. The ensuing Soyuz program was vital for evolving space station technology from basic, engineering-development stage, single-docking port stations to complex, multi-ported, long-term orbital outposts with impressive scientific capabilities, whose technological legacy continues to the present day. Ultimately, experience gained from the Salyut stations went on to pave the way for multimodular space stations such as Mir and the International Space Station, with each of those stations possessing a Salyut-derived core module at its heart.

Mir-2 (DOS-8), the final spacecraft from the Salyut series, became one of the first modules of the ISS. The first module of the ISS, the Russian-made Zarya, relied heavily on technologies developed in the Salyut programme.(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salyut_programme)

Last update:
- update to Pad24 UR500 O2016 V4
- improved descriptions using hiperdesc

Required add-ons:
- Pad24 UR500 O2016 V4(https://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=7176)
- Soyuz 7K series(http://www.orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=5160)
- Multistage2015 - for Orbiter 2016(http://orbithangar.com/searchid.php?ID=7010)

Documentation(include detailed credits):
- Doc\SpaceLaunches\Salyut\SpaceLaunchesSalyut.txt

- Papyref for meshes and textures of Proton UR500 launcher (not included)
- Castorp for meshes and textures of Soyuz 7k spacecraft (not included)
- 4th rock for Soyuz 7K series add-on
- Fred18 for Multistage2015



May 27, 2013
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Update v180720

Update v180720:
- update to Pad24 UR500 O2016 V4
- improved descriptions using hiperdesc