T+ 352 Engineering Log


HUMONGOUS IMS shipbuilder
Jul 14, 2012
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MCC #8 was performed 2 days ago. Several component racks came loose in one of the Hydroponics Modules which caused some damage during the burn. No hull punctures were discovered, but the damaged module had to be taken offline for 2 days while repairs were performed. Module is now back up and working although a significant amount of our repair supplies were consumed.

As the SSTV series of vehicles are designed to be self sufficient on consumables, there is not a lot of excess consumable storage on board, However, even if we had been unable to repair the damaged Hydroponics Module, the remaining modules and our storage would have given us enough food to complete the mission. As it is, we had the materials and the time to perform the repair, so it was done.

All boards are green at this time. Next mission event, MCC #9 in 23 days.

The remaining milestones for this mission:
  • T+375 Days MCC #9
  • T+380 Days Begin Earth-Moon system phasing burns
  • T+392 Days Closest approach to Earth, Earth-Moon system capture burn
  • T+394 Days Initial Lunar orbit insertion burn
  • T+395 Days Arrival at Lunar Station and end of SSTV-01 Mission #2
HUMONGOUS IMS shipbuilder