T+ 392 Days Engineering Log


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Jul 14, 2012
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Early this morning we made our closest approach to Earth and with it our Earth Capture burn. This was by far the longest EHE burn of this mission and we had a few issues with 2 of the 4 EHEs chosen for the burn. We were only able to complete the burn by switching to alternate EHEs in mid burn. Currently we have 5 EHEs out of 17 unavailable for future use in this mission due to damage caused by the 2 EHEs failing. Determining exactly what damage was caused and how to fix it will have to wait until we are at least in Lunar orbit, if not until we have docked with the Lunar Station.

We now have 2 days of phasing burns as we climb up out of the Earth's gravity well until our Lunar orbit insertion burn. After we have successfully entered the highly elliptical Lunar orbit, we will determine if it would be worth the time to determine what went wrong with the EHEs during the 5 hour Earth Capture burn or wait until we have docked with the Lunar Station.

5 EHEs are in the red at this time, all other boards are green.

The remaining milestones for this mission:
  • T+394 Days Initial Lunar orbit insertion burn
  • T+395 Days Arrival at Lunar Station and end of SSTV-01 Mission #2
HUMONGOUS IMS shipbuilder