Question XR2+EnergyProject+D3D9=Loss of Vehicle


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Apr 13, 2011
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Los Angeles
I had used to use the Energy Project to get the XR-2 into orbit with great results.

However, now that I have switched to D3D9, I tried the Energy again as a launch vehicle for the XR-2, and I noticed something.

The Energia has a far more robost behaviour under the D3D9 client, where the thing just jumps off the pad, hits mach 1 in a manner of seconds, pitches down rapidly, destroying the wings of the XR-2 in the process, getting into a situation where the Apogee is far higher than what one would call ideal, and the autopilot pitches further down the nose in an attempt to get the Apogee down to the target set in the autopilot dialogue, and eventually displays an error due to a vital manuver error, and the autopilot goes off line.

Does anyone else see this? Same scenario under the default in line gfx client and the Energy and its autopilot performs to great results, just as I remembered it. But under D3D9, the thing is a death trap for my XR-2 crew.

Tried similar steps to limit the frames and the time steps that helps fix an issue that high FPS seem to cause trouble stopping vehicles on planets, but no difference. It seems Energy Project does not play well with the D3D9. It does crash the sim when adding an Energy to the scenario using the in game scenario editor.

Just looking to see if anyone else has seen this.