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Hello BrianJ

Thanks again for your help. :cheers:
I just sent you an email, so you will have my address.

I wish you a happy Christmas.


After thinking from me ...

I wonder if the easiest for me that would not be quite simply to ask you as I had done for the tower of ELA4 to make me a dll.
It was papyref who advised me to ask you, what I had done.

I remember giving you the coordinates, angles and axes of rotation as well as the numbers of groups to animate, and you made me the necessary dll.
And it works very well.
What do you think ?
If you need me to make another launch tower like ELA4 - of course, I will be happy to help :)
If you send me the mesh, .scn and .ini files (the same as we did for ELA4) I can do it.

But I will also try to find a way to help you start to compile your own .dll - it will give you access to many more functions than spacecraft3.dll etc., and I think you will enjoy the extra freedom.
I am NOT a computer professional - my only skill is making .dll for Orbiter
Configuring the MS VS 2010 (or 2017) is the most difficult step, I think.
When it is configured correctly I don't change it - I just add in a new .cpp file for each project (and maybe add Orbitersound.lib if required).
PLEASE EMAIL ME AT: [email protected]
then we can communicate more easily.

I will try and think of an easy way to get you started compiling .dll using MS VS 2010, and send you some infos/images etc.

Best wishes and have a good holiday!
Hi again BrianJ

I can uninstall MS visual studio 2010 (I never used it) and install MS Visual C ++ 2010 (vcredist_x64) which I have somewere in one of my backup drives...
But I think you're right: I'll ask on the forum if I can't configure it.

Thank you for your quick reply. :salute:
See you soon here... I still might need you... :unsure:

There is no urgency, the Christmas holidays being close, I will not be able to start until in January.

While waiting for your answer, I wish you happy holidays.

Jacques (alias "Jacquesmomo") ...
Hi Jacques,
It is nice to hear from you :)
I am still using MS Visual Studio 2010 - so I'm not sure if I will be the best person to ask.
Also - I can never remember how to configure MS Visual Studio 2010 ! ( i have some notes somewhere, I will look for them)
You might get more help for MS Visual Studio 2017 if you start a thread on the forum.

But - I think the best method is to try to compile the simplest .dll - ShuttlePB in the orbitersdk/samples/ folder.
It will probably ask you if you want to convert to MS VS 2017 format - say yes.
Then you will need to link the appropriate files from the orbitersdk/lib folder etc.
I can try to help you with that, but maybe someone who uses MS VS 2017 can give you better answers.
Probably best way to do it is to start a thread here on the forum.

I wish you Happy Holidays!
My request :
I have "microsoft visual studio 2017 community" installed on my computer.
Could you help me to configure it correctly so that by putting a ccp file (like the one you sent me) I can make a working dll ?
Then I will manage (by changing some values for example) to understand how it works
Hello Brian

I think you remember me: I asked you to give me a dll for the ariane 6 launch tower in Kourou.
And I thank you again.

Dansteph (which unfortunately disappeared from the forum without my knowing why) ... had proposed to me lessons to start learning C ++ in order to be able to make basic DLLs.
As I cannot contact him (I have his email address, but he does not answer!) I would like to ask you a favor
we need to leave this forum. they are pro censorship
Not pro censorship. Pro using well-researched data in your arguments. Science is science. This is not a difficult standard.

Facebook does not count as "research" or an academic journal. Nor do crackpot conspiracy websites that literally misinform users. Re-read the rule as the guideline does not prohibit critical discussion and debate.
Hi Fred, did you continue this project of web remote screen?


Best regards,

This seems cool! You can have like Mission Control in the browser.
10th grade is going pretty well, I play Orbiter during free time! I saved the direct lunar inverted reentry scenario, and I love reentering and landing. Very Fun. Wish there was some kind of auto-land mfd of some sort.
Hello DaveS I am new on this forum and Im looking for someone who would be interested in trying to make addon of my shuttle from armageddon. Is there chance for private chat? Also im curious if someone want to try make better version then my? And can I send you link on my deviantart with shuttle?
Took a break from playing Orbiter for a while now (more than a month to be precise)...been busy in real life :(
The person who posted the Megan AI Voice overhaul on No Man's Sky Nexusmods, is it you?
It is. :) I plan to add a link on my Web site to the NexusMods page for that mod once I have some time.
Does anyone have any suggestions for a good-quality, refillable gel pen?

I'm looking for something I can buy for the long-term.
Hey! I prefer the Pilot G2. I have been using it for years. It works well, easy refills.

Started work on the Proton. Very interesting launcher, those guys in the 60's had no computers for stuff like simulating aerodynamics, and still they got it right. Impressive.

You are real good with Soviet military stuff, do you think you could do a MiG-31 model one day ? Always wanted to fly one in Orbiter. Perfect plane for rocket-chasing and stratospheric fun.

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I will try to continue the series of aviation, why not the MiG-31, but I am more familiar with the MiG-29 and Su-30, since my farm is next to the airfield and I can look at them and sketch them
Hi Fred, I'm looking for the download for Vessel Builder. I saw there was a link for a pre-release on the first page of the VesselBuilder thread, but it doesn't seem to work. Do you know where i could find the newest release?
the link is still active. if you right click and download the zip file it should just work. I just tried to be sure and it's working. For some browser security issue it might be that the download does not start automatically, but if you right click the link and save it it should work, let me know if you can get it
Had to click "open in new tab", should have thought of that. Thanks for the help
I am so excited over DanSteph's addon updates that are in progress. It is always such a blast of nostalgia to look back at what he has done, and it is endlessly exhilarating to see what more there is to come in the next iteration.

I don't know why I'm writing this blurb. Maybe the morning coffee just got to me, lol. Anyway, looking forward to the future!
I did not quite get around to answering you tonight so here's the short version
  • Make sure you're creating a new DLL project in VS
  • under C/C++ add the orbitersdk/include directory
  • under linker add the orbitersdk/lib