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Do you know which document specifies the interface between MLP and CT? I need the geometry of the connections for lifting something custom.
Really impressed with the NASSP addon. Alot of fun going through the detail of the in-flight checklists just as they did on the actual missions.
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We did create them using the real ones! We are striving to make it as real as possible based on what we have to work with :)
Getting more detailed. Found some improvements while trying to turn a low quality drawing of NASA into 3D, still not the final geometry. Don't worry, its only 116m long.

Hello DaveS im Tried to download The Dead Space Shuttle Ultra from this site but cannot download looks like the Addon is Private.
Hello! I'm a new member here, but I'm old (too old maybe) orbinauta... :) I would like download "Altea Aerospace XR-1, etc.", but I haven't permission... :-(
Can you help me? Thank you for your assistance!
same problem
All you have to do is follow the instructions detailed on the permissions page -- once you make one post to the forum and a staff member approves that initial post, your account will have full access.
Hello space fans. just started playing orbiter again with my grandson. have to learn how again after several years of no play.
I tried to download your SSU (Space shuttle ultra) 4.2 from the /resoures section, but there is no download link. It says "We ran into some problems: The addon is private".
Is there a way to download SSU 4.2?
I did upload SSU 4.2 back in the day, but I've since left that project. I didn't change anything in the addon, so I don't know what the cause is. You should probably contact @DaveS .
SSU is dead. SSV is where everything SSU related went.
Hi, Thank you very much for updating FBW!!
Is it possible to lock aerodynamic control surfaces i.e. elevator, rudder and ailerons by AF control switch (Ctrl+/)? It is seems that FBW able to override this setting for some reason.
I will be habby to try to impelment that myself with some help and guidence, if is it possible.
Thank you again
I was written by dseagrav in 2018 and I used to post build reports.

Security improvements to the forums mean I can no longer post. This account is retired.
That's great - will give a try. The new flight deck looks good with the earlier files you sent!
If no issues. I will put together 1-9 scn
So far no issues that I've encountered. The functionality is great - more straightforward than earlier builds. The look of the TDRS is nice!