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  • haha, actually the way they teach arabic here is useless, so i'm happy to drop it.
    But im still thinking about Spanish & French, not sure which one to take yet, ive got around a month to choose :D
    nice, lolz im not that good at arabic, i speak english mainly and i do french and arabic in school. But soon after my exams i can drop arabic and french, maybe ill take up spanish.....:D
    Hi, I´m looking for a coder for propper dll to aresa ships. No one for the moment. Also now I 'm waiting to see what is the orbiter graphical future, following OGLA for example, which is determinant to the future of the addon. In fact The addon has been stopped a long time now because all this, but is in my mind go in it again when this two questions have answer.
    Marry Christmas to you to :) Thanks! I was working on that with a partner at the time. I built the model and JoshB was suppose to program it. Then we both got busy with work and family and he never programed it. I still have the models but they are kinda weak when I look at them now a days. But I still also have the specs I designed her to and could be finished if I had a programmer for her. Know anyone?
    Hey its me goop thanks for the support, I am currently working on making my own Halo project. I need help though, intrested in something a little bit more simple.
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