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    Project Space Transportation System 2016

    Thank you very much for your work Gattispilot, this addon is truly amazing and make some of us start using orbiter 2016 sometimes, right now my flights are mainly on orbiter 2010 because of shuttle fleet, moonbase alpha and dan steph´s addons. But now I have something to play with thanks to this...
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    Coming Back to Orbiter After Long Break

    Hi there and wellcome back, I am also coming back after david´s return. I find much enjoyable Orbiter 2010 due to the lack of addons in 2016 yet. Sure there are interesting things but I will keep flying 2010 until we have a proper shuttle, fixed soyuzs and dan steph´s works.
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    OHM Deepstar 2.1

    Solved thanks to predattak!!
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    Update Deepstar development

    Thanks so much man!!!! you make my day!!!
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    Update Deepstar development

    Anyway to find this must have ship for Orbiter 2010?, I´m unable to find it anywhere. I lost many archives and I am trying to remake my old orbiter 2010 installation. Orbiter 2016 is missing too many addons now.
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    OHM Deepstar 2.1

    Anyway to find this ship for Orbiter 2010?. Link in the first post seems broken.
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    OHM VSA Manager Spreadsheet [UPDATE]#1

    Long time I know but anyone has a copy of this?, I´m interested but the link at orbiter hangar is broken.
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    Project Orbiter economic simulation

    The economic game and to be able to see some traffic near the bases is great but I am not sure if the IA spacechips flying their routes are worth the effort. Honestly space is vast and lacking any kind of sensors it will make founding a ship in deep space real rare.
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    OHM Eagle Enhancement V1.0

    The EAGLESTRUCT loads but it´s invisible, I´m using over Moonbase Alpha Update 4 and Directx9.
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    OHM ISV Pegasus V2.0

    The ship and all the landers are gorgeus but everytime I tried to use it in another with another Sol system it crash to desktop...I cannot load the ship neither form the scenario editor so basically I can only use the ship in the scenarios provided wich is a shame.. Anyway great job thanks for...