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  • I started making gas giant textures using this tutorial: http://www.solarvoyager.com/images/tutorials/gasgiant.jpg

    The specific way I make textures is:
    Make stripes of varying hues and shades with grass brush.
    Use motion blur a lot.
    Ctrl-C current image. Drag it ~halfway out of the image (horizontal).
    New layer. Ctrl-V. Drag that so it matches up with the previous image.
    Ctrl-E (in Photoshop) to merge layers. Motion blur until texture is seamless.

    Good luck! Gas giants are my favorite part of making systems.
    I am highly surprised about lunacell dosnt seem to make textures similar to UpsAnd d I
    In your main orbiter directory there should be a Utils folder. In the Utils folder there is a thing call pltex witch will convert bmps to tex files.
    Actually here is a link on a planet texture generater for photoshop. It's very easy to use and can generat very good textures.(level 8 is the the best) Lunarcell. It will make Bmp's witch you can then convert into tex files with the Pltex tool in your orbiter utilities directory. Have fun planet building!
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