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    Question Issues with sepration from SIV-B

    Is your TRANS CONTR PWR switch on? Turning the THC clockwise will translate the CSM forward, this is normal behaviour.
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    latest NASSP revision 1736 ... where to start?

    IMO, you can skip Apollo 7 and go directly to the Moon with Apollo 8 first. Most of the stuff on Apollo 7 isn't essential for a successful trip to the Moon and back, and the timeline on Apollo 8 is more relaxed.
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    Question NASSP 7 checklists in NASSP 8

    The obsolete checklists should work for the CSM-only missions on NASSP 8, but they don't take advantage of the new mission planning tools like RTCC MFD or MCC. That being said, using IMFD shouldn't cause a problem. The differences are mostly how maneuvers are executed. For example, the old...
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    Apollo 9 Problems

    I'm guessing it wouldn't be on the checklist if they trained only with the earth orbit AGS
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    Apollo 12 Checklists

    It's definitely possible! I'm currently flying Apollo 12 myself. I use the Apollo 12 flight plan, but the Apollo 11 checklists.
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    Manual Entry

    Are both EMS roll and .05g switches on panel 1 switched on? I assume you already have your EMS set to ENTRY & normal. EDIT: The RSI works fine for me on your scenario. The entry was done at 340 yaw though, was the entry REFSMMAT correct?
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    CSI? CDH? TPI? Help please?

    Don't worry! I'm sure everyone had trouble flying the LM after getting used to the CSM. That's an excellent video that tells you what each maneuver (CSI, CDH, TPI) aims to accomplish during the rendezvous sequence. The whole rendezvous sequence depends on where and when the intercept will take...
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    EMS Scroll

    To add to that, you'll need to have your EMS mode in either EMS test 1 or Vo set to scroll the EMS with the dV/EMS set toggle switch
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    Manual Entry

    If entering the atmosphere directly from a lunar trajectory, think of your entry as having 2 phases. The first phase is to get the spacecraft down to below orbital velocity. Use the red and green lines below to safely navigate this phase. The second phase is like a normal entry from LEO once...
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    Question [NASSP 8] [Apollo 8] How do I do P23 Cislunar Navigation?

    After having more experience with the sim, I realized that the explanation I gave a few years back is not 100% accurate. You should not place the star with any part of the Earth/Moon's horizon. Instead, the highest point or lowest point of the body when looking at it through the sextant is the...
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    Calculating LM gimbal angles

    Yes, enter the numbers under LM O/I/M exactly For example: LM O/I/M: 300.42 194.16 359.71 Enter on the LGC: R1 +30042 R2 +19416 R3 +35971
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    Apollo 11: Missed State Vector and P23?

    Did you switch UPL TLM CMC to ACCEPT? If it doesn't work still, you can also uplink the SV manually by using RTCC MFD or PAMFD and continuing from there. But your MCC might already be out of sequence at that point and may not work properly after that. Of course, the best thing to do is to...
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    Support NASSP: P23 Program Explanation

    If the horizon is on the dark side, you can try switching horizons. Instead of the near horizon, you use the far horizon and vice versa. As for the automaneuver not pointing the telescope in the correct position, is your telescope zeroed? It should be pointed at the substellar point after...
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    Nonspherical gravity sources NASSP

    If it helps you at all, docking MFD and docking HUD are available to aid you. It's not realistic, but I think it could help novices keep track of their attitude and rates.
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    Lunar Module IMU Realign (P52) Procedure

    Also, don't worry too much if you see a PROG error when you're done with the marks. It's most probably because you did 2 X or Y marks consecutively by accident. As long as you've done more than 3 of each, the marking process should be well within the 0.1 degree error.