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  • I'm trying to find the Autopilot MFD Version 1.7 by R. Bumm. It's mentioned in one of your posts on the forum. The site that has the Autopilot doesn't seem to be active anymore. Do you know where I can the Autopilot MFD?
    Larry Winegarden
    I figured out the answer to my last question. I can't figure out how to set up my IMFD for a mid course correction though. I can't figure out which dv to set to zero. I see three different ones. dvf, dvp, dvi. I'm probably looking at the wrong thing. What do I do?
    at step 32 in the tutoriar I don't know why I can't step up or step down the RAD in the LMFD to make the PeA in the RMFD show 80.0k The PeA never changes no matter how high or low I raise the RAD.
    Hey man,

    Good to see you're back. Let me know when you want to work on the AMSO thing. See you soon!

    Hi Adam,

    Yes, I know your tutorial thread. Many thanks for this very nice and precious work. I notice your collaboration offer and be sure I will contact you for testing or other purpose, if required.

    Best Regards,
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