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  • Part 3
    That was the same in Orbiter 2010, the old version of WO2001 for Orbiter 2006 did not run, but the starclipper did run. I know the real life is taking us very hard and your time is very small although and WO2001 is a huge project, but maybe could you look someday at the starclipper code to make a solo fix for this beatyfull old lady for us?

    Many greetings from Axel, Titov5 and Starclipper pilot since 2006 :cheers:
    Part 2
    The reason is a incompatibility with the grafical HUD information, which will be displayed normally at this point in the cockpit view. If you not are in the cockpit mode, then all works fine. But if you jumps into cockpit view later with open cargo bay, pilot hatch or speed brake, then orbiter crashes. The gear deployment HUD information is buggy in orbiter 2016, but causes no CTD, thank god. All other vessel which showing your HUD information system like the "G-Meter", this strange "KEAS"-meter (what does it mean?) are completly incompatible, beacause orbiter is unable to display that correctly. I hope i could help you a little bit. The starting point to fix the problems of all your vessels seems to be the starclipper, he has the best compatibility.
    Hello Sputnik!
    How are you my old orbinaut! I played last time Orbiter 2016 again, but i missed your nice addons very, like World of 2001 and ofcourse the "Starclipper" shuttle, my absolutly favorite vessel of all orbiter years, because they are not really compatible with Orbiter 2016 :(.
    But i did find some intresting things for you, the Starclipper runs mutch better than all other vessels from you, but you have to add him manually via scenario editor in orbiter 2016. Then you can jump in his cockpit without problems , and the autopilot works although fine. Tank jettison, gear deployment, nose wing folding works fine too. BUT if you try to open the pilot hatch (P), to activate the speed brake (B) or to open the cargo bay (K), then we get a CTD :facepalm:.
    Hi Beep, the M2 add-on I haven't updated yet because it really needs a working TetherMFD.
    Hi, Do you intend to recompile your DC-3 .dll? It's not working probably due to dll version.
    Hey Sputnik,

    I"ve been using your Ares IIC from world of 2001 as my lander of choice for a couple of years now. Sadly the add-on seems incompatible with Orbiter 2010. I'm hoping to cobble together a "2010: The year we make contact" add-on in honour of the calander etc... I got to thinking that I might just be willing to convert the meshes from your fantastic add-on to spacecraft3 supported vessels and give them textures to boot. Could I get your blessing to do so?
    Hello Sputnik,

    I am a newbie Orbinaut. I was originally exposed to your add ons with CVEL Titans because I was interested in the Gemini era technology. Fabulous add on and user friendly. I am now progressing to your Velcro rockets, Saturns, EELVs, and F1 flyback. I find myself somewhere between a kid in a candy store and drinking from a firehose. Exceptional and well thought out tools you have created.

    Many thanks for your efforts and inspiration!

    All the best.

    Love your addons. World of 2001 and the Velcro rockets are just amazing. Thank you for them!
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