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  • Am offline for the next two-three weeks, until internet is activated in my new apartment. See you on Christmas. Hasta luego, Orbiter-Forum!
    well, it seems like something went wrong (group still owned by me), so I now try to transfer it to kevin580. If you want you can ask him to transfer it to you..., but i think it's not very important at all, who owns that group.
    Can I transfer you the German-Orbinauts-group?
    It's because i want to found another group and I may only own five.

    greetings:tiphat:, HAL9001
    Exactly Quenya in Tengwar. But the sentence is not from the Lord of Rings, but actually part of the "Similarities between languages" discussion. ;)
    Out of curiosity, what language is the script in your signature? It looks like something out of Lord Of The Rings, like Quenya or something.
    That's funny.I received Straight A's in English composition in College, maybe I need to slow down, do some breathing exercises, or something before I post. Sorry I didn't spell your name correctly too.
    You are aware that this is not only a poor attempt at Godwin argumentation, but also a pretty epic fail on your ego since Hitler was a huge idiot? Do you really want to be more like an idiot?

    I know a great punk song about becoming stupid enough for this world, but I have the sneaking feeling you are not talking about this.
    Ah, the blessings of the ignore list... still only five on it, one unignored, one new ignored... didn't need it for a while.
    Hi Urwumpe
    can you direct me to info on compiling SSU ?
    I wish to check out the new stuff since v 1.25
    Thank you
    i have one request to you.. can you make an Orca (command & conquer 3 gdi aircrafts) for orbiter 2010? if you have time to make, pls. make one and publish it.. i really want one of it.. i'll understand if you cannot make one..
    Thank you all!

    PS: All I celebrate today is 32 years of survival without any exciting actions to ensure this. Not really a big birthday...
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