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  • max comes with many excellent tutorials, follow all of them. then google for more.
    Yes, those are my meshes. You're very welcome to use the meshes. (That's why I uploaded them to OH in the first place :) ) I declared the meshes public domain so that people can use them in any way they want.
    I would however request that you re-name any files if you change them (or put them in some sub-folder). This is just to avoid the problem of overwriting of the original files.

    I'm sorry that I haven't had time to add more stuff to that collection.
    Good luck with your addon!

    Jógvan C3PO Trondesen
    Why dont u make a ship that can teleport planet to planet even without a Jump Gate...
    hah. well, if you're not happy with that, try and make them look less like rectangles, take a look at some real vehicles and get some ideas... thats what i do:)
    hey man, good to hear you're still truckin along with the modelling, you'll be working for ILM in no time.;) keep it up:)
    yes it is but I cant find it :( I might have to just locate all the file's in my orbiter installation
    it's some think like this
    If you find the x-71 file on your computer can you please either send it to me or post it on the forum?
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