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After Gus Grissom and his crew successfully took the Apollo CSM aloft for the first time on Apollo 1, the next step on the road to the Moon is a manned test of the LM.
Apollo 2 will be an ambitious test mission, using a Saturn 1B to launch the first Block II CSM to fly, CSM-101, followed a day later by LM-2 on a second Saturn 1B.
  • Launch date: 28 July, 1968
  • Flight crew: Jim McDivitt (CDR), Dave Scott (CMP), Rusty Schweickart (LMP)
  • Spacecraft: CSM-101 "Gumdrop", LM-2 "Spider"
  • Launch vehicles: AS-205 (CSM), AS-208 (LM)
I built this mission based on a document dated 4 January, 1967, titled "AS 258 Launch Operation Constraints" and Apollo 9's SCOT and flight plan.
The mission and flight plan is my best guess, as there's not a lot of info on this mission profile.

Huge thanks to @indy91 for helping me put this mission together!

AS-258 (1).PNG
AS-258 (2).PNG
AS-258 (3).PNG
AS-258 (4).PNG
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