I.Ae 37 Ala Delta for Orbiter (Windows/Linux) v0.8

I.Ae 37 Ala Delta for Orbiter (Windows/Linux) v0.8 v0.8


This is the delta wing glider, I.Ae 37 by Reimar Horten from 1953. It was at the time the first prototype of a jet aircraft aimed at being supersonic.

My add-on still needs polishing and there are things to improve and fix. For example, the landing gear still has defects. However, you can enjoy flying.
It works on both Windows and Linux, simply choose your operating system, enter the appropriate folder, and drag the folders to your main Orbiter directory.

It still has few functionalities due to my lack of programming experience and due to the lack of information about this prototype.

In Orbiter Linux remember to press 'ALT + / ' to enable control surfaces.
In Orbiter Windows remember to press 'G' twice to retract the landing gear.

Martin Schweiger for developing Orbiter for over 16 years and releasing its source code so we can all learn.
To Gondos for programming Orbiter for Linux and developing it. Also for your help in installation and programming.
To Urwumpe for his advice and help on programming.
To ChatGPT? For your help detecting obvious logic errors that I couldn't identify.
To all those who left their Like on Orbiter-Forum.
Thank you for downloading this add-on.

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