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Master/slave (rev. 38) 2014-09-14


This add-on copies simulation state from the master Orbiter instance to slave Orbiters over the network.The main application is having several display screens, connected to one or more computers.Known limitations:- (un)docking is not supported- UMMUs are not supported (will appear differently on master and slave)- UCGOs are not supported (will appear differently on master and slave)- some DG-IV-specific features are not supportedHow to use:0. If you want to run multiple Orbiter instances on the same computer, install and enable this add-on.1. Unpack the add-on, and edit Config\OrbMaster.cfg and Config\OrbSlave.cfg to suit your needs. Default settings should be fine for most people.2. Start master instance: start Orbiter, enable OrbMaster.dll module, launch the simulation.3. Start slave instance: start Orbiter, enable OrbSlave.dll. Load the same scenario and launch the simulation. (For convenience, the master saves the current simulation state to 000MasterSlave every 10 seconds. This file can be loaded on slave.)NOTE: OrbMaster.dll and OrbSlave.dll should not be enabled at the same time on the same instance!See README.txt file for more information.Links:Development thread.Video of the add-on in action.
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