South Kent (South East of England)

South Kent (South East of England) 1

This addon may be useful if you want just flying at low altitude and speed (on Cessna or a helicopter) over a pretty big highly detailed green landscape of South Kent in the South East of England. But you can use it just for takeff/landing your space vessel as well.

It covers the area:


It contains:
  • surface tiles of 8-19 levels (it makes the pretty good colour and edges matching with global textures*)
  • mask tiles of 14-19 levels (because masks of 8-13 levels are included by default*)
  • a *.flt file of surface flattening (it works with linear interpolation of surface elevation)
  • a config file which contains settings for (this file isn't included), two default Langing Pads and three hangars
  • a scenario with DG on a runway
* it needs the high Earth *.tree textures, located in /Textures/Earth/Archieve for better matching! (They have the size 32.8 Gb).

The mask tiles aren't highly detailed, they are made from default ones.

The whole covered texture (a screen from Orbiter 2016):


It also works with OpenOrbiter (and looks even better).
More screens from OpenOrbiter:


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