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    Updates United Arab Emirates mission to Mars

    So, it's July 2020 and this has recently launched. I didn't see it mentioned elsewhere on OF. Here is some commentary:
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    Help with TLE to azimuth and elevation function

    Just poke around this website: It should be a lot of help.
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    OHM MPC Database Asteroid Viewer and Exporter v2.0

    Ok, so the Horizons solution comes out to MPC Database Asteroid Viewer solution (within about 1400 km), only when the Epoch correction is applied as I suggest above. So heads up that there is an error that needs to be corrected. I'm okay with the 1400 km error, given that this program is only...
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    OHM MPC Database Asteroid Viewer and Exporter v2.0

    So, I was using this program to try to simulate tomorrow's "close" pass of NEA 2002 NN4 in Orbiter 2010 and Celestia. In Celestia everything seemed to come out okay, but in Orbiter the asteroid was nowhere near where it was supposed to be. So, I think that I traced the problem as follows: I'm...
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    Internet Orbiter video with sudden huge increase in view count

    This might have something to do with it: Alternative Apollo a bit in the mainstream zeitgeist, perhaps?
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    Best orbit for a Jupiter Space Station?

    Sounds like you want to be in the ecliptic plane, more or less.
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    News 100 years of Transatlantic Flight.

    00:39, looks like my O/400 landing attempts in Rise-of-Flight
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello. 2010, not 2016? I recommend both.
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    AMSO New AMSO version 1.22 released

    Wow, you mean from 1994? Is that thing still around? Or do you mean the recent tablet port? Sorry for hijack, but had to ask.
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    Gaming Any IL-2 Sturmovik fans?

    If anyone still plays this and is keeping track, 'official' patch 4.14.1 just dropped. So, regular 4.14 was a bit of a scandal last month, because it disabled/deleted 3rd party .exe files from the game's main directory (of which there are many legitimate ones that are not even true "mods".) I...
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    Launch News (FAILURE) Glory atop Taurus XL on Mar. 4, 2011

    So this is making the rounds on social media: TL;DR the mission failed because of fraud on part of a contractor.
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    News Mission Shakti: India claims to have shot down a satellite

    It's been a month, but I finally got around to this: A true hypervelocity collision, and not just a poser like those DMSP battery explosions. Look how high those apogees go! :facepalm: Whoever said that a test conducted a 300 km means that the debris will reenter quickly clearly does not...
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    Problem Can't land DG on bases situated on "small" moons

    Right, so this would mean that what you are observing is realistic, as tidal forces, etc. would mean that you couldn't truly land in a permanent sense. I would say the "issue" is your expectation, not the simulation.
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    New Release OSIRIS-REx

    Why no O-H thread?