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  • Hi, I recently read an interesting article about Launch Escape Systems, and that their omittance does not significantly increase the overall risk if the vehicle has a degree of realiability. The link is:

    the comments there refer also to the SpaceX Dragon capsule. While the Falcon 9 has enough power to lift the Dragon capsule, the additional weight of a launch escape system may be prohibitive.

    I wonder if NASA will insist on a LES for manned COTS missions; the Shuttle had none, and no commercial airliner has one. Maybe this will influence the mission (and vehicle) design of the commercial space transports.
    Hi Glider! Looking into your gallery I saw you are working on improved models of the Falcon 9 and Dragon. They look great!
    After the successful SpaceX launch many Orbiteers are very interested in this concept. I wonder if you consider releasing a 'draft version' of your current work?

    I would also volunteer to support you in coding a dll, if required.

    Hey glider. I love your Falcon 9 extension for Orbiter, I can't fly the dang thing, but none the less I can make it go straight up. The reason I am pming you is I REALLY want to print off a Dragon capsule on my maker bot. Do you do your modling in STL format?

    If you do would you be willing to post the capsule over at Thinigiverse so can print it. You have modeled so many beutful rockets I want to print and have on my desk. :)

    If you upload a rocket, I will print and ship it off to you myself, as long as it's printable.
    Hi Glider, I recently installed your SpaceX and Dragon 0.58 addon and was very impressed with the degree of detail you have put into the model. I took it for a flight to the ISS and back and it went very smoothly.

    After Constellation being cancelled it looks like SpaceX and other COTS providers will be Americas next manned spaceships (hopefully). I wonder if you and MajorTom intend to continue working on this addon?

    For example when moving on to a dll-coded launcher, features like UMMU could be included. I could provide the source code of my Orion-CEV as a start, which has a lot of functions in common, so adapting it to the SpaceX rocket and capsule should be easy.
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