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  • Chevy hasn't been streaming as much this year as he used to. He's been busy trying to get this regional airline job lately so I think that's taking up more of his time. He used to stream 1 or 2 times per week at the very least. Josh Gibbs hasn't been on as much lately either.

    Ironically, I'd been familiar with some of Jeff's GTA videos for quite some time before I started watching Twitch, then he started showing up in these guys' streams, which was pretty awesome.

    Yeah their stream times aren't ideal for me either. I'm EDT, most of them are PDT, so they don't start streaming until around 9 or 10 pm my time (especially Gibbs). Makes it especially difficult to watch them on the weekends, mainly because I don't sleep well normally, plus my daughter sometimes wakes up in the night & needs my help. So I catch a lot of them on VODs as well (especially Cat's streams).
    I wondered if that was you when he said,"IronRain welcome aboard" I almost said something, but figured 'nah, couldn't be.'

    Yeah I've been watching his streams semi-regularly for about a year now, along with ChevyRules727, joshjgibbs, Flightsaitek, Jonfly, and most recently raflyer (has a fully-functional, full-sized 737 sim pit in his basement). Chevy & gibbs are two of the main ones that convinced me to switch to X-Plane over FSX/P3D.
    Oh nice, man. Glad you are financially stable and doing well. I haven't had to get or hold a job yet, but I will probably have to start soon. As I am getting more used to college and managing my time, I'm certain my dad will expect me to start helping alleviate the cost.

    Are you still in school at all or have you entered your IT career in full?
    Oh crud, I forgot to get you that model. I got busy with real life stuff. I'll work on it tonight and you'll see a PM with a link by tomorrow morning.
    You mean they're not stowed? You could just stow them on the ground. But sure, I can do that but it won't function. Is this just a static mesh you're doing?
    Yeah, I use sketchup to make my model. Export it as a .3ds and use the 3dstomsh tool on OH to convert my model to .msh. You change your textures that you applied in sketchup to .dds files using gimp (or whatever you use) and load it up in Orbiter Mesh Wizard to change the diffuse values etc. Save that as the new .msh and add it to the meshes folder and load it up however you like from there.

    I've not made ships mind you, just buildings. If you need any of the programs I'm using just let me know :) :cheers:
    :D glad I can be motivation. Been having a hell of a time learning how to mesh and texture. :cheers:
    I'm using Sketshup. Not the most complete software but gets the job done if you know what you are doing. Tried Blender once, it's very powerful, but the nonsense interface makes work slower!
    Going well. Wish I was born rich instead of just awesome, then I'd have more time for fun stuff (like Orbiter) instead of having to work. :thumbup:
    I'm only about 3 month behind schedule on the Kosmos-3. It'll be launching soon though. I've got to get back to writing about my VSA too. Otherwise Cleveland and Kirby are going to be forever stuck at SRC Polygon!
    Nice, GEO sats are always fun. George7378 taught me how to perform them. Very talented kid he is.

    Well, at least the pain is minimal, am I right? ;)

    My shuttle is headed to my new space station. MSSEU was deorbited last year after a major malfunction with the station. We shot up a CTV to get the remaining crew out of that mess and they are all safe. The new space station is a project that I came up with after seeing Cras's awesome station. The shuttle "Legacy" will launch and dock with her and remain in space for just about 12 days. The station is young still so it's small :p

    I'll be sure to send you the links, and I'll record the mission. And I will shoot you screencaps if the stream falls through somehow. ;)
    I'm very good, thank you :). I'm getting ready for a February shuttle launch! If I stream it, I'll link you the recorded presentation since you most likely won't be awake.

    How are you doing? How's the back?
    Ah hell, I forgot to wish you a happy birthday.

    Well, for what it is worth: :happybday:

    I'll get it on time this year! :p
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