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    Orbiter Wiki

    I'll suggest this one more time: In order for a user to edit the wiki, require the user be registered. Perhaps allow auto-registration for members of Orbiter Forum, along the lines of Orbit Hangar.
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    Orbiter Wiki

    Is it feasible to use Orbiter Forum registrations to check on OrbiterWiki registrations? And then not allow anyone to create/edit an article unless they are registered in both places? That might be a way to cut down spam.
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    Important Orbiter Forum Migration to XenForo

    Does the new forum software allow the use of the MATH tag, as in F(Q) = -\frac{\mu\, m}{(Q-Q^*)^{2}} ? For instance, the page at used to be readable with the previous forum software.
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    SpaceX Simulator - dock Crew Dragon at ISS

    SpaceX has given us a gift. Probably not very challenging for Orbinauts.
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    Near Earth Black Hole found

    Idle thought: How far away from the sun could a black hole this size be and not be detected by its effects on outer planets' trajectories? For instance Alpha Centauri A/B add up to about 2 solar masses and are about 4.5 light years away; they presumably have no detectable effect on Pluto/Charon.
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    Orbiter 2016 for Mac- Simplified

    Do you know if this procedure (i.e., Wine) works on the latest version of MacOS (Catalina)?
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    Live "training" session for NASSP

    This thread shows a need for more persistent guidance than Orbiter Forum can provide. I really hope the NASSP experts can help to develop some sort of training material. I would like to use it myself. I would like to suggest a home for any such material: the "Rocket Science For Amateurs"...
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    Improving OrbiterWiki

    This is meant as a quick-start for people who want to improve OrbiterWiki, but don't have experience using a wiki. 1. Register as an OrbiterWiki user: This isn't strictly necessary, but it might be useful to use the same...
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    Chapter 2: Go Play in Space - Lua script

    Are you using the online version of Go Play In Space on Orbiter-Wiki? If so, feel free to make a new page for your script, and add a link to it from Chapter 2. We added GPIS to the wiki to allow the community to add updates and enhancements. This seems like a good example. Feel free to ask for...
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    Total # of Orbiter downloads (from inception)?

    I've downloaded at least four versions multiple times, certainly more than 20 downloads since 2009.
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    Programming Question Any javascript developers out there? How often do you play Orbiter?

    I can't claim to be much of a developer any more, but I've done a bit of Javascript work. I play "with" Orbiter at least once a week, which I enjoy even though I'm not very accomplished. I would like to try to use Javascript with the Orb::Connect add-on to develop web-based interfaces to...
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    Tutorial Pilot Astronaut Flight Academy

    Bravo! I haven't digested the lessons yet, but I applaud your effort. On the OrbiterWiki website, there is a section I have called "Rocket Science For Amateurs". You might consider adding a link to your tutorials on this page:
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    Project GPIS Scenarios Development (halted)

    Please note that the latest version of GPIS is a partially completed third edition (not the second edition you linked to). This great resource now resides at OrbiterWiki: The second edition was written for Orbiter 2006, and the third edition was...
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    Cycling / Running - Logs, Stories, & Pictures (any fellow cyclists or runners here?)

    I had my worst wreck ever (age 70) on Sep 10, and I'm still not fully recovered. The worst aspect is that I don't really know what happened, as I hit my head hard enough to lose consciousness. I was using the Cyclemeter app at the time, and it shows I was going downhill about 25 mph (40 kph), on...
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    News Hubble telescope hit by mechanical failure

    Does anyone here know/surmise/guess/wish that the Crew Dragon or CST-100 Starliner could take a repair crew, tools and parts to service HST? Or perform other similar functions that were formerly done by Space Shuttle?