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  • man tgep my friend showed me how much the Rag Tag Fleet is getting on great work man you and all the other designers deserve a beer :)
    It was done for members at the RTF forum by Jon in responce to a thread I started there.
    Not a problem Dman. Definately look into some tighter security measures on your system though, especialy if your using Wireless hubs or others have acess to your system. Isent you a PM with some slightly better details.
    i'm just mentioning that i don't even have javascript and i dont even know how to hack computers or webpages and i wouldn't want to anyway because i think if you hack websites and stuff like that it wrecks it for other people.
    just to let you know i'm not saying this because i'm annoyed its just i thought i should add it thats all.
    actually i do have javascript but i only got it 2 days ago.
    and i got banned about 2-3 months ago

    i think i only used the shoutbox once i thought it was for public chat or something similar i can't remember what i said but i think all i said was "hello" or
    more presisely "i just joined and i was wondering if anyone could tell me more about the RTF thanks"
    Something along those lines

    The main reason i joined the RTF project was because i am a great fan of Battlestar Galactica

    P.S thanks for letting me know
    tgep once i signed up to the rag tag fleet forum but later that same day i got banned and i don't even know what i did wrong :(
    since you mention the rag tag fleet quite allot i'm guessing you must be quite involved with it so i was wondering if you could find out what i did wrong
    Thanks ;)
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