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Deep Space Communications Satellite (DSCS) v0.3 2011-12-08


Deep Space Communications Satellite v0.3
River Crab 2011
Made using Vinka's Spacecraft3 (not included)Description
The Deep Space Communications Satellite is a realistic and versatile communications uplink spacecraft to use in your scenarios. Features custom animation and exhaust textures.Installation
Ensure that Spacecraft3.dll is installed.
Unzip all files in into your Orbiter root folder.Contents
DSCS spacecraft
1 scenario: DSCS deployed in areostationary orbit
Source code and original Spacecraft3 .INI file in the sources folderControls
K -    deploy solar arraysTechnical Data
    High-gain and UHF antennae

    DSN network-compatible

    Lightweight construction

    MON3/UDMH storable propellant

    Aerojet R-4D orbit engine

Diameter (folded)

3.02 m

Dry mass

780.0 kg

Wet mass

1497.5 kg

Main engine thrust

490 N

Main engine Isp

315.5 s


2.017 km/s

Solar array area

23.5 m^2
111208 (0.2):
 First public release

120202 (0.3):

Updated PMI and cross sections with more accurate values

Lowered fuel level in scenario

Fixed mistake of confusing "fuel mass" for "wet mass"; spacecraft now performs according to specifications (thanks dgatsoulis for the catch!)

A world of thanks to Vinka for Spacecraft3, and Dr. Martin Schweiger, for his excellent space flight simulator.
For additional questions, comments, and suggestions, visit the Orbiter-Forum comment thread for this addon.
This is my first release of a vessel addon, so feedback is greatly appreciated!
River Crab
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