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Gemini Joe v1 r1 2016-05-21

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This is just a simple addon in which I used existing meshes and spacecraft components to create an imaginary "Little Joe" configuration for the Gemini spacecraft.  The initial upload comprises two configurations that use either stage of the Titan II launch vehicle, which was used by Project Gemini IRL.
Once the booster is dropped and the ballistic section of the flight begins, you will be seated in the fully functional Gemini spacecraft as built by estar and replicant.
The real Project Gemini didn't include a Little Joe phase; however, at least one of the first two unmanned missions was suborbital.
I'm deeply indebted to numerous Orbiter veterans, as explained in the documentation.  Many thanks to:
[*]And most especially, Martin Schweiger, without whom...

NOTE:Now updated to provide improved documentation and eliminate some unused files that came with the original upload.  All scenarios now use Spacecraft4, and all but one now use Multistage2015.
Installation: Extract the contents of the zip file to a separate folder.  Unlike most add-ons, here you will see four top-level folders whose contents can be copied separately into your Orbiter2010 root folder.  The utilty add-ons Multistage2015, stage, and VinkasSpacecraft4Pack are included for your convenience, in case you do not already have them installed.  If necessary, paste the contents of each of these folders, individually, into your Orbiter2010 root folder.  The do the same with Gemini Joe.
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