Meiringen - The Air Force Base Between the Mountains

Meiringen - The Air Force Base Between the Mountains 230825

I could give a small description of the base, but I think I'll let Tom Scott do it for me.

Watching this video, I noticed the geography of the base and, after taking a look on Google Earth, decided I had to make it for Orbiter, because taking-off and landing between mountains sounded fantastic. So, I did it!

A Swiss Air Force Delta-glider skin is also included. To use it, add the line "SKIN SWISSAIRFORCE" to a Delta-glider by editing a scenario. A scenario is also included with his add-on with a Delta-glider on the runway using the Swiss Air Force livery. It is present in the "Delta-glider Extras" folder.

IMPORTANT: The flattening of the runway is handled by the D3D9's flat (.flt) system. If it does not work for you, ensure you have the most recent version of the client, and check in the "Visual Effects" tab in the launcher that 'Surface elevation, using' is checked and set on 'linar interpolation'. If it still does not work, go in the "Video" tab and click on the 'Advanced' button. Check on the left of the screen and ensure that 'Tile Archive' is on 'Cache & Archive' and that 'Enable terrain flattening', located at the very bottom left of the window, is checked.




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