Québec - The Gem of French Canada

Québec - The Gem of French Canada 1.1

Founded in 1608 by explorer Samuel de Champlain, Quebec City is one of the oldest settlements in North America and the only city north of Mexico which still has its fortifications. Jean-Lesage International Airport (YQB/CYQB) was first established in 1939 with the beginning of the Second World War. After the war, it became a civil airport and has been servicing Quebec City ever since. In 1994, it was renamed after Jean Lesage, Prime Minister of Quebec in the 1960s.

Pretentious title aside, it's finally here! Quebec City and Jean-Lesage International Airport are finally out for Orbiter 2016! Since pretty much the day I first played Orbiter, I wanted to be able to play around my home town. Unfortunately, no such add-on ever existed.

Last year, I began learning how to make bases for Orbiter. At the beginning of this year (2023), I decided I would try to make Quebec City myself. After ten months of hard work, here is the final result!

This add-on provide Jean-Lesage International Airport and scenery for Quebec City. Six scenarios are available with the package, three for Delta-gliders, one for the Cessna 172, and one for the XR-2 and XR-5 respectively. These three add-ons are recommended but not necessary to be able to use this base.

Different configuration files are available, which reduce the number of details and remove some scenery objects to enhance framerate on lower-end computers.

IMPORTANT: Read the documentation present in the package. This will tell you how to install this base and how to enable Terrain Flattening to ensure the runways are not bumpy!









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  1. 2016
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  1. Update 1.1

    Changed scenarios folder name from "Québec" to "Quebec" Fixed the Cessna 172 scenario to use the...

Latest reviews

Although some objects are simple, the shear number of them makes for an immersive scene, and the impact on frame rate is negligible.
Personally, I prefer without the "trees". Maybe if you made them undulating rather than uniform it would be more natural. Good idea to have them and other details selectable.
Overall, brilliant effort !! You achieved your dream ;-)
Thank you for all the many hours spent on it.
It's got a permanent place in my installation.
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That's really a big work for Orbiter! So many nice objects and landscapes. And it looks just amazing at night, with many lights! Thank you for this for us!
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