Pelee Island - The Spaceport of Lake Erie

Pelee Island - The Spaceport of Lake Erie 230927

Croussette Spaceport on Pelee Island is a fictional spaceport located on the Canadian island of Pelee in the middle of Lake Erie. I made it for my own personal use, but people have been asking for me to upload it, so here it is.

This base is still a work in progress and will evolve as I find new uses for it. Future updates are likely.

DISCLAIMER #1: This base currently need the addon AIA Generic Hangars by wehaveaproblem. Without it, this base will not work.
The hangars will likely be replaced by custom ones in the near future.

DISCLAIMER #2: The flattening of the runway is handled by the D3D9's flat (.flt) system. If it does not work for you, ensure you have the most recent version of the client, and check in the "Visual Effects" tab in the launcher that 'Surface elevation, using' is checked and set on 'linar interpolation'. If it still does not work, go in the "Video" tab and click on the 'Advanced' button. Check on the left of the screen and ensure that 'Tile Archive' is on 'Cache & Archive' and that 'Enable terrain flattening', located at the very bottom left of the window, is checked.




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  1. 2016
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A launch site in a very unique spot! Looking forward to the custom textures and hangars!
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