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Multistage2015 - for Orbiter 2016 2016-10-01


Multistage2015 is the renewed Multistage module, now for the new Orbiter 2016
Inspired by the module made by Vinka, Multistage2015 allows to develop multistage launchers even for those who are not willing or capable to code, or for those who simply wants to exploits all the built in features of this module.
New Features:
- Orbit autopilot!!! - A complete autopilot that take the vehicle from the ground and release it in orbit with extremely high precision, based on the PEG Algorithm- A lot of new guidance calls available!- A lot of new configuration file calls available!- A custom made MFD which allows to monitor and to interact with the launcher, even from remote!- Possibility of "live" and rotated payloads! - finally no more dead meshes!- Growing particles effect! - to boost the realism of the launch simulation- A Developer Mode option which allows to reload the vessel from the configuration file within the simulation! no more closing and reopening to see a change!- Complete retrocompatibility with Vinka Module, all old addons will still work, but all the new systems can be exploited now!
- Hangar, Camera and Crawler vessels are included for added fun!
This version is for Orbiter 2016 
Please read the manual since a lot of information is included in it.
A hypotetical SLS Heavy Lifter is included in the package as example
Biggest Thank goes to Dr Martin Schweiger, for the rest of the credits and thanks check documentation.
Development Thread: h ttp://
Have fun up there!
Update 07/10/2016: added the SLS meshes and textures to the package that were missing in the first release
Update 07/10/2016 (2): stage.cfg was missing
Update 07/10/2017: playsound command in guidance file is now supported and independent from Orbiter Sound. added stage.dll that was missing, added notes in the docs.
Update 06/26/2017: Changed logic and application for Hangar and Crawler, no dirty hacks anymore. Fixed bug for ignite_delay=0. Fixed Camera bug. SLS.ini now fixed as per boogabooga file.
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