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Apr 9, 2008
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Author: 4th rock

This add-on recreates the Dragonfly (Libellule) shuttle from “Once Upon a Time… Space (Il était une fois… l'Espace)” in Orbiter.

Being a fantasy vessel, performance is unrealistic, specially regarding the RCS thruster placement and spacecraft mass vs. thrust. Overall performance tries to match what was shown in the series, specially the ability to fly within the atmosphere and at Earthlike gravity. It’s meant to be fun, nothing more. To provide some challenge, you may be better of using the RCS only around lower mass bodies and outside the atmosphere.

For size reference I used images from the series. They are not completely consistent, so I derived scale from the lateral door visible in some episodes and from the large cockpit. This means that the spacecraft is about 110 meters in lenght.

I changed the underside to depict a heatshield. It would be nonsense not to have it, since the craft is meant for atmospheric reentry and fight, even is a fantasy context.
The cockpit is not detailed, though the default camera view is placed to give the overall impression, nicelly integrated with Orbiter’s default MFD and HUD. The model is textured to take advantage of graphic clients, using normalmaps to add details to the spacecraft.

I hope you have fun flying it!

Use Orbiter standard controls for RCS, Main, Retro and Hover engines
G operates the landing gear
K extends the small standard docking port on top


Model, textures and configuration by Ricardo Nunes (4thRock)
This is fan art. Series and characters copyright their respective creators/studios