OHM Skylon C2 UCD 1.1


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Dec 31, 2008
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Ok again for all pilots with lift-up-problems:

1.Simply deploy and retract the gear by pressing "G" two times. It seems to be a small bug with the ground detection of Skylon or Orbiter.

2. If that not helps, activate Option "Disable hardware pageflip" at the Orbiter start menu under "Video" or deactivate vertical sync. Use orbiter in true Fullscreen mode for this!

2.Try to accelerate Skylon_C2 in windowed orbiter mode. When it not accelerates, use fullscreen-mode with an open orbiter menu in the scenario by pressing "F4". You can close it when Skylon is in the air.

3. If all not helps, simple use both engine-modes of Skylon at same time, activate sabre engine AND rocket engine. When you are in the air, then deactivate rocket engine and refuel its propellant, you will need it later.

For Orbiter 2016-Beta-Users: Scenarios does not load with UniversalCargoDeck4 with a given "core ship". But you can use it when you deactivate the core ship in the CargoDeck-menu before you save or leave a Scenario. Later in the senario you can can simply redefine new the core ship, like Skylon. Then it works well.
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