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Addon Developer
Mar 5, 2010
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As many of you are only too well aware of, Orbithangar is quite in a messy state right now, and some essential functions (like Orbiter version compatibility info) seem to be broken. The good thing is that it is still up and there are no issues downloading stuff from there. As of today, we can only hope the server will be fixed in the future.

The Orbiter Wiki was an effort in doing that classification job, but server lack of security issues made its maintenance unbearable. Here we can salute @Urwumpe 's valiant efforts, he single-handedly fought self-replicating legions of spambots for months, before being completely swarmed. :salute: Let's hope, here again, that the server will be upgraded in the future.

So we have the opportunity to start a great "Operation Spring Cleaning", that's even the right season for it ! Orbiter Forum staff has been working hard and we have a dedicated sub-forum, which will be extremely useful.

The idea is to have a locked thread, that will also be sticky, where the one and only post will be a list of all known addons. It is important we provide information regarding the compatibility in regard of various Orbiter versions (2006, 2010, 2016, 2016 beta). Given that Orbiter itself is mostly an orbital mechanics simulation engine, it is vital that we provide clear information about the various addons that have been developed those last 20 years, including their development status.

This won't be and can't be a one-man endeavour, because there's more that 1000 mods registered on Orbithangar, there's obviously some testing involved and also working as a team of "curators" is the best way to avoid the dreaded "Programmer Seeking Bus Syndrome" (PSBS). Seriously, signing in is not a lifetime commitment, people get more or less busy in their lives, and in a long-term perspective having several people working on it seems the safest way to go.

There will be another thread where everyone can post suggestions about specific addons. You can also send a PM to a curator, but posting on the "suggestions thread" will be the guarantee that someone will look at it.
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