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  • Happy Birthday, Scott! :cheers:

    I'll be partying (more-or-less) tomorrow, eating pizza with my vague sports team. So, I can pretend I'm partying for you! XD

    Also, as you wished, here is your birthday thing, all the way from Virginia. :)
    I think I am, actually! It's what, 2010 and I still haven't played any Half-Life games. Portal's all I beat so far, and the Orange box has grown to encompass 7 games now! :facepalm:

    Contrariwise, I had the 東方星蓮船~Undefined Fantastic Object trial the day after it was released, and the full game (1.00a) 2 days after! And Japan is about a day ahead of us. :cool:
    A lot of those page visits were probably me, from when I exhausted the front page and wanted to find a thread to look at. :p

    Nice sig GET, is that from HLV?
    Whaaat? The Doctor looks like...I dunno, Gordon Freeman. What picture did you see?

    Anyway, @Izack:
    You're up, bro. I just tagged you. POST!
    Sorry, I didn't know where I was going with that post... :rolleyes:
    why hello for the first time in your own page, Izack XD

    anyway, from what I've seen in the "put the face on the name" thread, it seems to me that I'm the only one around who looks like a stereotypical nerd (if you leave out Dr.Schweiger that is) :lol:
    Yeah, as well as the entire campaign on Ace difficulty. I just got the picture from Electrosphere. BTW, you wanna add me on XBL, so we can play together? My gamertag is Pilot7893.
    So, I think I found out how to advertise your social group...
    You now have 2 members! Including you of course.

    Coincidence? I think not!
    Hi Izack!

    IL-2 and BSG rock! Here in EnZed we were getting BSG DVD's in the stores before they were being broadcast on the local TV stations, so I 'watched' the final season by 'Blog' before I ever 'saw' it. Dudes (and Dudesses) were logging on to forums and posting live as the shows went to air in the States. Different way to follow a TV series fer sure, but kinda cool since you got everyones different perspectives with the 'live' commentary. Then I grabbed all the DVD's as soon as they came on the market here and watched the shows properly. Best episodes were '33' and 'Scar' for mine...

    I've had an awesome time with IL-2 too. :thumbup:

    It's cool how your sig ended up being OFMM's line, which is what prompted me to redo my sig banner in the first place. :thumbup:
    My avatar isn't too big, and it's not like it says Moderator or anything, so hopefully they won't come after me. :shifty: You can use the ⑨ part if you want, but it still has to be 100x100, and it does look weird on other parts of the site.
    Did you develop your numerical preference around Patchy?

    "Your catness is approximately 24 points.
    By the way, 100 points does not mean full points, but 96 points does.
    Since 96 is the maximum number below 100 that can be divided in half twice or even thrice, it is convenient. Arguments won't occur over it"
    Hi Izack, and thanks for your comment on my blog! I really think you should take a look at a summer midnight when the Milky Way is in the sky, and the stars stretch from east to west, if you haven't already. You really do feel like you are under a massive dome spotted with stars. If you want to choose a telescope, I'm happy to help ;)
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