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  • Hey Jedidia, did you manage to find a release package of IMS? If not, I may ask around to see if anyone has a package they could upload...
    Thanks for the update. I don't have any graphical abilities, but I do have a few decades of software development under my belt. If I could figure out what IDE is used for add-on modules I could possibly offer to work on the under-the-hood coding parts of IMS2 once the newest version of Orbiter comes out. Although I can probably figure out how to integrate the graphics (pictures) into the module, building the graphics in the first place is beyond my skill set. In the mean time, I'll continue to build my Lunar Station using IMS 1.0 on Orbiter 2010 P1. Thanks for the response.

    I haven't continued working on IMS2, and currently it's not planned... I tested IMS with the Beta, and there are severe problems. Too severe to be easily fixable I'm afraid.
    Got a IMS question for you. With the new edition of Orbiter (2015?) looking like it could come out of Beta at any time now, are you still working on IMS 2.0 for Orbiter 2010 P1 or are you going to hold off doing any more IMS work until after 2015 comes out and then do IMS 2.0 for that system instead of 2010 P1?
    My SSTV-01 flight is built up from a short story I wrote back in 1979-83 on a manned flight to Jupiter. I'm just using the IMS system to build not only the ship that can get there in 100 days but to build the space station in Europa orbit. I have a similar story already written for the Saturn flight, but the Pluto flight will be totally made up on the fly so to speak. :)
    Download issue confirmed, and should be fixed now.

    Post bug reports in the IMS thread please, I'm going to loose oversight real quick if I have to handle them in different places. There were some strange things with RC3, please see if RC4 fixes the issue. If not, feel free to post the scenario in the IMS thread.

    IMS only works with individual modules, it cannot apply its functionality to an already existing vessel. You'll have to build your station/ship from the modules provided with the download.
    I have IMS RC3 but cant download rc4 is their site having problems also i think i found a bug but im not sure i have 159 modules installed and integrated and orbiter ctd i can send you a copy of the scn file and my pc specs so you can recreate and tell me how to fix.
    can you tell me what ships and stations i can use to start with and how i need to change cfg files to allow me to draw power, o2, water, fuel, ect, ect from them
    I do apologize about the original CM. I ALWAYS have a hard time with textures. Not creating them per se, but generating the ideas. They end up a bit simplistic because of the lack of inspiration on my part.

    Im just glad that I am able to help this come to fruition. I have literally wanted this type of mod since I discovered Orbiter, which is why I was so quick to jump aboard when I heard about this. I dont normally try to include myself in others projects, but I couldnt help myself on this.
    Hi Jedidia

    If you are referring to my pics, they're all bits available on Orbithangar Mods. Greg Burch and Salvadortega are the main culprits whose bits I used, so do a search on their names. The other models I used are called MIPTS and Orion 2100, but I can't remember the authors, apologies to them. I just remembered that I used some of the station modules that came with a ship called the Mars 2, as well. Hope that helps.
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