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    New Release IMS2 Alpha-1

    I'd like to contribute models and textures to the project. Since you're wanting lower-poly stuff I should be able to run those off relatively quickly. I can do normal, specular, and emissive maps too. If you can give me the basic concept for whichever modules you want, I can build from there.
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    Star Wars Rogue One [spoiler thread]

    Haven't seen it yet, but spoilers don't bother me. Just one thing I want to know: Does the movie mention Kyle Katarn, Jan Ors, or the Moldy Crow at all?
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    Orbiter 2016 - RC.4

    Why not both? A 2d paint-like interface for "quick" flattening with the option to output a 3d mesh for fine tuning and building placement in a separate modeling program.
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    Humor Random Comments Thread

    Has anyone around here tried Evochron: Legacy? It's my go-to for sci-fi space flight. It's not as pretty as the next-gen stuff because it was made to run on a wider range of hardware, but definitely worth a look. It's made by one guy with a few things like models and sound contributed by others...
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    General Question Editing Heads-up display

    Hi all. I was trying to modify the stock HUD textures and ran into a problem. The files in Orbiter\Textures\Cockpit appear to define the shape of things like the docking path, velocity vector, pitch ladder, etc. by white vs. black in the alpha channel with a color overlay in the RGB...
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    OHM Gunship Script MFD V0.37

    Hi Beep. I've been having a lot of fun with your Gunship and Bombsight MFDs and have completed most of the practice scenarios. Just a few suggestions: If possible, could you try making Gunship MFD a bit more user-friendly? Maybe a loading method similar to Bombsight's pylons and an unpackable...
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    Project Orbiter Battle Simulation Project Needs Developers!

    Slight misunderstanding: I would only use BaseMaker to arrange the meshes and start the.cfg file. All buildings would be custom-modelled in Blender then imported. There will probably be some manual tweaking after that. Orbiter's basic meshes are fine for simple stuff, but not for realism. I'll...
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    Project Babylon 5 SA-23 StarFury

    Not much of an update, but I wanted to take out some frustration caused by animation problems and discovered how to arm SC3 vessels with AAMissile...
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    Project Orbiter Battle Simulation Project Needs Developers!

    I haven't done surface bases before, but modelling is modelling. Static models are relatively simple. BaseMaker should make it easy to assemble the buildings into the right arrangements and do surface tiles. All I need is reference pictures for appearance and scaling. Same with weapon meshes...
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    Project Orbiter Battle Simulation Project Needs Developers!

    It's good to know that OBSP is still under development! I think you guys are taking the right approach with the modular structure. Even though many orbinauts are against the idea of combat, there are two undeniable factors to consider: (1) Much like the real world, a lot of great advances come...
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    Project Babylon 5 SA-23 StarFury

    Animation problems Ok, I've spent the last week trying to get this thing properly animated and still having problems. It looks like my rotation points are 'floating' somehow and making the motions fall apart. It's not written as a robotic arm yet, this is still the proofing stage, but not sure...
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    New Release D3D9Client Development

    I'm running an nVidia GeForce 9500 with the latest drivers on an XP system and have flickering with default shader set. No flicker with Level 20 though. Not sure if that helps...
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    Problem Blender 3D: Texture won't display?

    One of the slight problems with using the Blender .msh plugin... An easy fix is to open the. msh with Notepad++ or similar text editor, scroll to the end, and you should see something similar to this: MyModeltex\ MyModeltex\ ... Assuming your textures are already in the...
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    Project Babylon 5 SA-23 StarFury

    Some experiments with advanced texture maps: A bit too heavy on the specular map. Accidental discovery of good effects for an AC Cobra or Delorean though. Chrome won't get you home, but it's shiny! And a better specular map. Not too shiny, not too flat. It shows up better while in motion.
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    Project Babylon 5 SA-23 StarFury

    Thanks, MaverickSawyer. It's been a long time since I've used exponenential notation. And thank you, PhantomCruiser. That is a cute scene. The clip I found started just after Zeta 1 launched, just before the bear hit the canopy, so I missed their conversation. I wonder why Sheridan would have...