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  • I understand completely. I told everyone I was stationed "close to D.C.", now I tell everyone I live "close to Chattanooga" for the same reason.
    Yeah, same here actually. I picked up Mechwarrior 3 two months ago...how old is that??
    I have an older version of the Orange Box for the Xbox360, and I luvs it. I hardly play FPS, but Half-Life2 grew on me.

    Also, I had the third response on the announcement for Orbiter 2010, so... :uhh:

    Also also, Japan could also be around a day behind us (if you ignore convention.) So in an unorthodox sense, you're a psychic downloader! :hail:

    P.S. DID I MENTION I LIKE THE WORD ALSO?? (4 times in 7 sentences excluding this one, and 3 in one sentence)
    Just beat Portal. Now I see how they can get away with making you install Steam- cake is a good incentive.

    There is still science to do!
    For some reason, when I bought the Orange Box, I did not expect to put in a DVD that only installs Steam, and then have to download each game individually.

    Really, what is the point of having 2 DVDs if you have to wait 30 minutes to download each game?!
    well, it already seems like there are not even 10 people here who are familiar with Manga or Anime, not to mention a Tohou shooting game lol (I know that already from you :D)

    100 posts after a year XD
    I decided to check out your profile and was blinded by the greeness! Just thought I should let you know. *awkwardly leaves the page*
    Maple Bacon Doughnut? No, but it sounds like the most awesome thing ever!! :D
    i finished the hanger feel free to change textures someone needs to animate the doors in a dll
    Well, it never really officially became the motto. I just said it back on this page of OFMM, and decided to put it in my signature...
    I guess it caught on. :p
    Your signature is AWESOME. :thumbup:
    And here I thought mine looked pretty good when I made it...

    Interesting idea for a display picture, too. Are you even allowed to do that? :lol:
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