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  • It just struck me the other day that Orbinaut starts with an O...and what fits in an O?? 9!!
    Yep, now confusing my friends with a shout of "BLAST!!"

    I'm not much of a Trekkie either, but I can appreciate a good quote. :lol:
    Not a relatively hardcore trekkie actually, but I thought the fanservice might help. :p You're free to use any of mine as avatars!
    Also,this even works in Japanese!

    Now going to test the dga2. :hail::probe:
    Pictures which are AWESOME, by the way!

    On a totally random note, I just noticed your user number is 43 41. One off from the Answer both ways!!
    Have you tried out that Delta Star Liner? There's a WIP release out there for grabs. :)
    I'm a professional lurker - I popped into IRC sometime around March and just now got started posting for real. Awesome to find some Touhou fans here of all places, though. Thanks for the welcome - よろしくお願いします!
    Yea its a taf misleading i guess :D. I just chose to use the XR2 in the sig because I love it so much and it looks pretty cool.
    Beat Suwako and Koishi? Heck no! The only Extra I ever got to was PCB's (Ran), and I didn't beat the stage.
    I preferred SA's gameplay to MoF's, what with the graze meter. The lack of proper bombs was disturbing (one reason I can see to like UFO...return of the MasterSpark.)
    Anyway, I beat most of the games on Normal, no better. I haven't finished UFO or PoFV, sadly. In UFO Shou's homing curvy exploding lasers were just too much. It was the closest experience I've had to a seizure (aside from a real seizure.) :p

    Sorry if I gave a false impression of awesomeness! Believe me, I'm not! XD
    I never got the English patch for it, after having bad experiences with previous patches (they don't like x64 processors or Vista)
    As a side note, I was also awful at it. I never quite got the hang of the new DX engine used since Mountain of Faith. (I also didn't approve of the lack of Sakuya as a playable character.)
    You had to look that up? You mean haven't played 東方星蓮船 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object (awesome title that must be typed in full) ? It's been a long time, huh...I'm still obsessed with it, it's my second favourite timesuck.
    I really loved [stage 1 boss], so much that I built a replica (more or less) of her dowsing rods. Less practical than a pendulum, and I'm still a newb, so I haven't used them very successfully yet.
    Finding water in Washington would be silly, though. If you dig anywhere to a depth of more than 1 meter there's a good chance you'll end up with an artificial geyser and a hefty fine. Or electrocution/gassing and a hefty fine, if you're really bad.
    I had to look up what dowsing was, actually. I imagine if I tried that I'd find hydrogen cyanide instead of water, with my luck. :p
    "Hey guys, it's over here! Wait, smells like almonds..." :lol:
    Touhou and Orbiter. Superhuman focus, reaction time, and pattern recognition, and the intelligence and knowledge to navigate the cosmos without little UFOs pushing your ship.

    You're a lunatic.

    What else do you do?
    Don't tell me you're better than me at Dowsing, too? :lol:
    Anyway, thx for the friend!
    cheers :cheers:
    I'm uh, flattered?! :lol:
    I wouldn't consider myself productive though. At least not until I finish the MFD I've been trying to make for a month now (and failing horribly)...
    And what the heck am I so good at? I'd sure like to know...
    I used to be quite good, having beaten most of the games on at least normal, PCB on Hard with every character and Lunatic with Sakuya B (Destroyed utterly by Ran in the Extra.) Unfortunately, since I found Orbiter my skill has dropped down to Easy-modo. :lol:

    Orin has got to be the hardest non-extra boss in the series. I can't beat her on anything above normal, no matter how hard I try. I'd hate her if not for her stage theme.
    She's been building rockets in conjunction with Kirisame Marisa since 東方地霊殿 ~ Subteraranean Animism.
    Like SpaceShipTwo, they are hybrid-bipropellant powered.
    They run on a hypergolic mixture of solid Unobtainium from magic mushroom extract, and Pepsi Ice Cucumber.
    Think of Diet Coke and Mentos, except it's Cucumber Pepsi and Mushrooms. This allows for improved thrust and isp, while still being light enough for hunting troublesome youkai.
    Or is that troublesome youkai hunting?

    Anyway, good to see someone who plays the same obscure games I do. How good are you at Danmaku games?
    I've beaten Kanako on normal with Reimu B, and can sometimes get to Suwako's Iron Ring spellcard, but I just CAN'T BEAT ORIN!
    You cannot triforce in this forum either!! :lol:

    Also: I'm surprised to find Nitori here. Can she build rockets now, too?
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