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Air to Air Refuel Script MFD v0.67 2018-02-28


Normally, refueling MFD's are dock based therefore you were not able to do atmospheric inflight refueling. This one is attachment based so now you can do it. Besides transfering fuel it  performs the hook up contact to the boom or drogue and guides the pilot displaying useful data concerning relative speed and position to the tanker. 
IMPORTANT :  it's up to the user  to provide suitable attachment points in the vessels and, optionally,  transponders to the tankers. Some examples and orientation are provided in the documentation.
Be sure to read all the instructions in the documentation file. This is a script MFD and some special procedures apply.
v.6 Beta ; Tanker message is now optional and user variable controlled (default OFF); improved relative speed calculation and added a relative tangential speed indicator in the XY locator; added a Flight Planning Page to calculate fuel spending, maximum  vessel reach and the coordinates to position a tanker; on (re)activating the MFD in a hooked receiver, if tanker is still tuned, tanker equipment selection and contact condition are now automatically detected and granted;you can now set to self mode and transfer fuel among receiver tanks when hooked to a tanker without breaking out;corrected self fuel 'creation' when transfering to the same self tank; corrected false tanker tune validating when tanker had no transponder and inserted instructions on adding transponders to vessels in the doc; allowed tanker without transponder selection by tuning to 111.10MHz ;corrected a bug that made Orbiter crash in multi tanker scenarios.
v.62 Beta Visual acceleration orientation indicators added to the contact approach graphic instrumentation page.
v .64 Made changes required for altitude commands that make this addon compatible from now on to Orbiter 2016.
v.65 Use of the now fully functional storestatus callback function to delete created annotations at MFD deactivation; Deleted the related warning. Some cleaning up regarding the HUD mode set/reset.
v .66 Some coordinates base changer routines were corrected.
v .67 Corrected a bug that made Orbiter crash if the vessel tuning the tanker transponder wasn't equipped with either a receptacle or a probe.
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