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Bombsight Script MFD V1.11 2018-12-11


A military tactical and strategic air to ground attack system designed to make trials and practice flying within the necessary conditions for a sucessfull load launch and target hit.
All supplied loads have their UCGO packing boxes (waiting for the Orbiter 2016 UCGO release).
A fictional target range base near Edwards is supplied along with some ready to run DG scenarios.
IMPORTANT :  it's up to the user  to provide suitable attachment points in the vessels and attach unpacked loads to the vessels. Some orientation is provided in the documentation.
Be sure to read all the instructions in the documentation file. This is a script MFD and some special procedures apply.
v1.05 Ground Radar was improved to feature a more target scanning 'realistic' behaviour. Radar to Bombsight transfer data now adds to target list rather than replacing it all.
v1.06 Victim mesh deletion on hit was made optional with no deletion as default due to problems regarding multimesh vessels and D3D client rendering. Smoke on explosion and burning reduced to improve performance and make it more ..hum...realistic(?!).
v1.07 Corrected a bogus wingman heading autopilot error introduced in v1.04 (VTOL FAP); Created another option for mesh deletion on hit, which is now the default, for deleting the victim's mesh only if the vessel has just one mesh,and not deleting any mesh otherwise. This solves the D3D9 client crash problem while retaining the feature when possible, which is important for large single mesh targets such as buildings.
v1.08 New booster propelled cruise missile BGM-109 (intended for the incoming Ticonderoga); CruisePathMFD modified to accept the new cruise missile, ASWMFD, CruisePathMFD, ECMMFD debugged for missile deletion/disconection; ASWMFD now has a dipping sonar with an active ping mode; Both AGM-109 and BGM-109 were improved with special flight procedures to be more forgiving on bad cruise path designs.
v1.09 Corrects a new bug introduced when debbuging (!) CruisePathMFD for autodeleting hitting missiles. Paths in the path list should be displaying again with SLP button.
 v1.10 A very important correction in victimization routine; A correction in mk46 target pursuit AP setup improves torpedo performance and reliability.
v1.11 A more perfect implementation for the victimization correction made in last version.